Stranger Things…

A strange thing happened to me last night.  I started watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (that wasn’t the strange thing, although some people might think it is!).  This is a TV show I have watched from the outset.  Last night was the first time I had seen Series 16.  About 20 minutes in, it suddenly occurred to me that the last time I had watched it, I did not, to my knowledge at least, have cancer. 

It was a weird feeling,  In a post I wrote in Week 3 of this cancer business, I described life as being ‘before cancer’ and ‘after cancer’, and maybe this is a prime example of that,  I have not had this feeling to date, and maybe that is because I have been caught up in the ‘fight’ the ‘battle’, the ‘experience’ or whatever you would like to call it. 

The new normal…

Certainly, my ‘new normal’ is not quite normal in terms of a year’s worth of doctors’ appointments pencilled into the diary.  The real question though, is whether anyone’s ‘new normal’ is very normal at all?  We are living through an unprecedented time in history.  Apart from wars of our own creation, there has never been a time when the whole world, connected as we are today, have been felled in one instant swoop. 

Coronavirus has temporarily closed the world
Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

In many areas of the world, people are working together to try to solve this crisis, and you begin to be optimistic about our future.  In other areas, you hear of things such as the American government literally hijacking supplies of equipment destined for other countries.  Not only is their response to coronavirus too little too late, but it shows that there will always be those people in the world who think the survival of the few is more important than the survival of the masses. 

Here in the Chamonix valley, this is nowhere more obvious that with the arrival of second home owners.  I am looking out at a chalet right now which during confinement, until this weekend, had two people staying there and now have seven or eight.  It’s all very odd, because there are no more cars visible, so you can only assume that they came during the night and are parked in the garage so as not to be seen. 

Some people are more equal than others…

Whilst we have people like that who decide that the laws of confinement can’t possibly apply to them, then, unfortunately, Coronavirus will drag on.  Of course, it will not be these guys, in their 4 million Euro chalet who are affected, but rather it will be the people around them who cannot go back to work.  Coronavirus might certainly affect all, but to call it a ‘leveller’ is a bit wide of the mark. 

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