Radiotherapy- that’s a weird thing…

I wrote this post pre-‘the madness’. Clearly ‘the madness’ is defining all of our lives somewhat at the moment and I will no doubt give my thoughts on it when there is a break in Lockdown and home schooling- good luck comrades!

I have to be honest, I had no idea what radiotherapy entailed. In the back of my mind, lasers would be fired at my previously existing parts to make sure that the cancer mo-fo is well and truly annihilated.

Boring, boring radiotherapy…

It actually isn’t very much like this at all. You lie on a cold, metal table, naked from the waist up, and a big machine goes over the top of you. I am assuming that this very big, very expensive machine is firing radiation at you, but, disappointingly perhaps, this has no commonality at all with lasers firing out of Superman’s eyes.

Disappintingly, this is NOT what happens at radiotherapy…

Instead, it is, to be frank, tedious. Everyday, bar the weekend of course because this is France, and at various, random times of the day, I jump in a taxi which takes me to my treatment. The earliest one so far has been at 7.50 in the morning which entailed leaving at seven. You then sit in a waiting room with lots of other poor souls going through the same thing. The funniest part of it is the amount of very old people who assume you cannot hear them and speak far too loud saying ‘isn’t she young!’.

My body is an earthquake-ravaged temple…

To be fair, I’m glad that they think I am, because my body and my brain are telling me that I am quite the opposite. It feels as if I have turned into a ninety year old woman. Everything aches from the minute I get out of bed, to the minute I get back in. My skin where I am getting radiated, is beginning to turn a bright shade of red and is now sore and itchy, despite the plethora of creams I am putting on it.

I am having to change my mentality around this treatment. With the chemo, you knew you had it, felt awful, then would hopefully have a few days grace before feeling awful again. With this, both the tiredness and the soreness will only be cumulative. Oh well, only a few more weeks of active treatment to go. Head down and keep moving forward..


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