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My appeal to you

Take a breath, take a pause.  What am I talking about? That what is to come.

Any day now, social media will be awash with ‘f%*k you 2020’, ‘glad to see the back of you 2020’ type thoughts.

Take a breath, take a pause.

I think we can all agree that 2020 has not been the best.  There have been emotional and mental health struggles.  There are people hanging in there financially on a wing and a prayer.

Take a breath, take a pause.  Please, before we all get caught up in the negative cycle that social media and media in general is about launch.

This has not been the worst year in the history of the world, for most of us, far from it.  We are not spending Christmas stuck in a muddy trench in some foreign country waiting to die.  We are not living in refugee camps separated from the lives and families that we have always known.  We are lucky.  I am lucky, you are lucky.

I, and I hope you will too, will look back on 2020 as a challenge.  It was a challenge set to us and a challenge that we rose to.  We showed our humanity.  Whether that was by doing some shopping so our elderly neighbours did not have to, or caring for each other’s kids so that we could all get a break.

I feel grateful to 2020:

  1. I have a child that I am witnessing growing every day, frustrating as that often is.  I am lucky.
  2. I am alive and overcoming health problems one step at a time.  Some people are not so much overcoming health problems as taking one day at a time to manage to stay on this planet.  To those of you in this predicament, I salute you and marvel at your resilience.
  3. 2020 has shown me exactly what humanity is all about and I thank you for that.
  4. 2020 has given freedom to so many.  Yes, you can work from home and see more of your family.  Yes, you can reconsider your career options.  Yes, you can change your life.
  5. I have not lost someone close to me in 2020 (touch wood).  To those of you that have I am deeply sorry, and I know there are many of you.  To those of you that have lost someone to Covid whilst others still insist it is ‘just a flu’, I hear you. I hear your loss.

We can all fall into the cycle of negativity.  Let us try to resist.  The world gave us a challenge,  we were not found wanting.

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