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Moving on..a new adventure awaits!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it people?  I have been meaning to write for some time but given that I have also felt the need to compile a video to go along with this post, it has taken a lot longer than expected! 

Well, the good news is I am still alive!  I say that because when I was in the throes of my cancer diagnosis last year, I devoured endless blogs from women going through treatment.  Many of them hadn’t been updated for quite some time, which of course, leads you to think the worst.  So, the good news is I am still alive! 

2020- you nutter!

What a bizarre year we have found ourselves in. 2020, Who would have thunk it, but here we are.  Unlike many, I can look at it positively, because to a large degree, I have finished active cancer treatment and am somewhat back to normality. 

I am however, on the dreaded Tamoxifen (or Tamoxifeckin’ as I have taken to calling it).  This bloody drug is horrible.  Aching limbs, headaches, itchy skin, overwhelming tiredness.  I am currently trying to navigate my way through it.  Having Chemo for five months is one thing, knowing you have to take this hideous Tamoxifeckin’ for the next 5-10 years is another mental battle altogether.  I am about to try a non-generic brand to see if that makes a difference to me, then after that I will see my specialist in December and if things have still not improved, look at the alternatives. 

So, what is new in our world?  Well, hopefully the video below will give you a bit more insight than my mere words. More than anything else, 2020 brought me a sense of my own mortality.  With lockdown, we all had time to think. That time made me realise that I cannot hang around anymore, waiting for tomorrow. 

I have no idea how long the plan is for me to be around, so I must make the most of the time I have here.  That goes double for the time I have with Max.  We have memories to make, and who knows how long to make them, so let’s make sure they are good ones! 

Hopefully, the video below will explain more about how ‘Loopy Lisa’ I have become in 2020… 


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