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Learning to sail

Firstly, thank you for your very positive reactions to our first video regarding our new adventure. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then have a read of this post.

I do hope you enjoy this video. The main thing that I have learned about having a boat is that it is 90 per cent work and 10 per cent sailing! However, it is great to be learning again. It is very easy to just rest on what we know, there is a certain feeling when learning something new. Whether it be a language, sailng, golf, crochet or what ever else it may be, that those receptors are heating up in the old brain again…

Where goes the sunshine?

It is freezing here in the Alps right now. Today I was walking the dog in ankle-deep snow, so I have to say that it is nice to look back on a summer of heat!

Unfortunately a change of brand for Tamoxifen doesn’t seem to have done me much good. Still feeling fairly zonked, still achey limbs. The good news is I had a ‘complete bloodwork’ as they would say in Grey’s Anatomy, this week. Not a single speckle is outside of the norms, so that bodes well one would hope?

I am also seeing my surgeon for the first time (my fault with cancelling appointments, not theirs) this week. I will be exploring the alternatives to Tamoxifen, because when your seven-year old knows there is likely to be TV time because his mother needs a nap at the weekend, then you know you are in trouble!

On the plus side, he seems to be enamoured with video editing and took the editing of this second video very seriously. He is a demon with the cutting room floor and takes no prisoners! It does astound me how quick kids now pick up these computer skills…seemed to learn in ten minutes what it took me a few hours to learn!

Be grateful…

In all seriousness though, much as Tamoxifen is a life enhancing drug, it is also a life-diminishing one in the here and now. Amazing how a Coronavirus vaccine can be developed in the space of a few months, but when it comes to a drug for women with cancer…Well, they are expected to put up with one that is twenty-three years old despite some of the side-effects being worse that the symptoms of the disease.

Me? Cynical about the place of Women’s Health on the world agenda? Never…

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