Who am I?

I am hoping you are reading this in 4 years time and have come to visit this blog because something caught your interest about our tiny family’s travels to South America, or visiting an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia- I wish, more likely to be in a mobile home at Eurocamp…!

If not, then you are, in all likelihood here because maybe you, or someone you know, has a cancer diagnosis and want to see how other people have coped (or haven’t!) with the process.

I did think of some very creative titles for this blog- ‘drip feed of shit’ (provided by a friend) being the highlight, seeing as that is what you seem to get on a regular basis with a cancer diagnosis. However, Zen Life is what I am aiming for and though Cancer may well defile me, it will not define me.

My tiny family consists of myself and my 6 year old son, with added grandparents, aunties and uncles. The son is more of a handful than the boob that is causing this cancer has turned out to be, but I wouldn’t change him for all the fancy mastectomy bras in China.

If you are new to this site, then a good place to start might be right here, at my very first post.